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Petr Štetiar ynezz at
Tue Jul 7 03:56:08 EDT 2020

Rich Brown <richb.hanover at> [2020-07-05 21:42:36]:


> At the risk of opening a can of worms, I want to note that, to my eye, the
> text in the OpenWrt logo appears to be placed a bit too low.

you can see the reason at the page 3 of logo usage guidelines, so this is done
on purpose.

> Thoughts? Thanks.

 "The master logo is supplied as artwork and should never be transformed or
  regenerated in any way."

So please don't do such logo modifications.

I think, that you just need do add more padding around the logo, mainly at the
bottom, so the logo has enough space to breathe:

 "The clear space around the logo should be atleast the quarter of the given
  “x” measurement."

So for example instead of your:

 <img alt="Logo" style="width:180px;">

I would use:

 <img alt="Logo" style="height:3em; padding:1em;">

I'm not HTML/CSS guy so I can't help here, but that header looks weird/alien
on wide screen display, as the main content is centered, but the header/logo
is aligned to the left.

-- ynezz

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