Release roadmap? When should we expect 18.xx release?

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Thu Feb 8 09:37:17 EST 2018

Hi Hannu,

there's been a brief discussion about that in the #lede-dev IRC channel.

There appears to be a solid consensus on doing a mixed kernel 4.9 / 4.14
release, so that will not block the process.

A couple of undecided points currently are:

 * How to properly deal with Spectre

   It appears that we'll need gcc 7 based retpoline support to ship with
   full mitigations but jumping to gcc 7 shortly before the release is
   too risky, so we considered doing a mixed gcc 5 / gcc 7 release with
   7.x used for x86 and ARM and 5.x for the rest

 * Timeline

   I proposed to target March 31 to have 18.03.0 ready and there was no
   clear objection to this but so far we didn't commit on this date

 * Identify blockers

   I currently have no definite overview over release critical blockers,
   so either I or someone else needs to find time to review the current
   bug situation per target

Despite 18.x, I definitely plan one or two further 17.01.x point
releases, Rafał also expressed interest in this.

~ Jo

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