Remerge coordinator required

Stijn Tintel stijn at
Mon Oct 16 14:00:25 EDT 2017

On 03-10-17 18:31, Stijn Tintel wrote:
> Since both projects have different IRC channels, we need to decide on a
> mapping. Here's my suggestion:
> #lede-dev -> #openwrt-devel
> #lede-adm -> #openwrt-adm (new)
> As we aim to be as open as possible, I suggest we drop the
> #openwrt-hackers channel, and redirect that to #openwrt-adm as well.
> Finally, with the objective of joining
>, I suggest
> to have #openwrt-security, limited to people with commit access.
> I would like to move forward with this ASAP, ideally close to the time
> the 17.01.3 binaries have finished building.
Final proposal:

Keep #openwrt as is.
#lede-dev -> #openwrt-devel
#lede-adm -> #openwrt-org
#openwrt-hackers -> #openwrt-sec (restricted to ppl with commit access only)

To whoever can fix me the required privileges on Freenode to get this
done, please have these privileges assigned to my account "stintel".


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