Talking points about project merge at OpenWrt summit

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Tue Oct 24 18:06:36 EDT 2017


I will participate in the OpenWrt panel at the OpenWrt summit and would
like to align with you on the talking points regarding the merge. If I
miss something or something is wrong please send me a mail.

The LEDE project and the OpenWrt project agreed on a merge under the
OpenWrt name and the LEDE project rules some months ago.

The and domains where transfered to the SPI
(Software in the Public Interest Inc.)

John Crispin and Imre Kaloz are Project Liaisons for OpenWrt at the SPI

We will use the LEDE repository in the future and are currently working
on merging the patches which are in the OpenWrt repository, but not in
the LEDE one into the LEDE repertory.

We will use the openwrt github project and replace the current code with
the lede code base, all existing pull requests will be closed.

We will use the infrastructure set up by LEDE (git repo server, build
bot master). We will try to use external infrastructure when possible
like patchwork, mailinglist

The mailing lists will get merged and hosted at like the
LEDE ones, but they will be renamed to OpenWrt, the detailed names and
organization is not clear yet.

It was not decided yet if and how we merge the wiki and forum, this was
intentionally postponed.

Is some working going on in merging the websites?


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