Planning v17.01.2

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at
Thu May 25 03:21:14 EDT 2017

Jo-Philipp Wich kirjoitti 24.5.2017 klo 23.34:
> If you want specific fixes cherry-picked/backported to lede-17.01,
> please mention them in a reply to this mail.

I propose three commits related to ath10k-firmware that have been committed 
by mkresin on 24 March 2017.

The commits fix the faulty DEFAULT packaging of QCA988x firmware in 
ath10k-firmware package and respectively add the firmware selections to 
device image specs. In 17.01 the QCA988x firmware is currently forced to all 
ath10k configs, quite unnecessarily.

Making the change decreases the size of my R7800 image by 256 kB (as the 
unnecessary 250 kB firmware blob is removed).

The commits:;a=commit;h=e3c88f49648c92e83cb0075ee3d2f744700ff511
ath10k-firmware: do not select the qca988x by default
Do not select the qca988x by default as soon as kmod-ath10k is selected. We 
do support more ath10k chips than the qca988x in the meantime, so this 
dependency doesn't make sense any longer.;a=commit;h=86a0cbb33345018dc658d15eff60dc60da062d0c
treewide: select ath10k firmware explicit
  (Note: in this commit only ipq806x R7500v2 is relevant for 17.01 as the two 
other devices have been added later to master)

The third related commit fixes R7500 (v1) firmware selection after the 988x 
DEFAULT has been removed:;a=commit;h=b69807e2b20e8e650f99a4d07f46a3f32cba2970
ipq806x: fix Netgear X4 R7500 ath10k firmware selection
Netgear X4 R7500 comes with a QCA988X. Select a firmware that matches the 
ath10k chipset

cc to mkresin

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