openwrt and lede - remerge proposal

Imre Kaloz kaloz at
Wed May 10 05:31:49 EDT 2017

On 2017-05-10 00:52, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> Hi,
>> *) domain
>> - transfer owner ship to SPI for and
>> - add them to the pool of urls at digital ocean
>> - post remerge build a setup where we have several DNS servers in
>> various locations
> As far as I know, DigitalOceans DNS servers are hosted at CloudFlare,
> not sure if you can get much better than that; at least it seems like an
> odd priority item given the other pending remerge tasks.

I don't see any priority defined here. Putting every egg in the same 
basked on the other hand isn't always a good idea.

>> - point at the lede git server
>> - point to the lede flyspray instance
>> - keep both wikis and forums as is (we should decide post remerge how to
>> proceed to avoid these issues blocking the progress)
>> - update the lede domain entries for build/download/rsync/... servers so
>> that the openwrt domain also points at them
> I do not understand this item.

We could rephrase it like unify downloads.* & co.

>> *) SPI
>> - TBD post remerge
> I'd prefer to tackle this first.

Before the merge non-OpenWrt people are outsiders from both SPI's and 
the world's PoV. After the merge everyone can vote on these topics.

>> *) github
>> - stop pushing to lede-project organisation
> Why?

Because we're going forward as a single project.

>> - start pushing to the openwrt organisation
> By force-overwriting the history of openwrt/openwrt ?

No one said it won't cause a bit of pain, but would ease the transition 
on the long run.

>> - cleanup the list of owners in the openwrt organisation
> What kind of cleanup is meant here?

John likely meant to review who's active and who isn't.

>> - obsolete all issues on the openwrt organisation and close the issue
>> tracker
>> - go through the open openwrt and lede PRs, pickup whats useful and
>> close the rest, asking people to repost (things wont be rebasable anyhow)
>> - close the lede PR tracker
>> - keep the lede organisation in its current state so that forked trees
>> dont get obsoleted
>> - obsolete the lede github org after a grace period of 3-6 months
>> *) landing page
>> - update the lede landing page to represent the openwrt name
> Is there any joint statement which can be used?
>> - update the landing page to have the same look & feel as the current
>> openwrt landing page
> Why?

Well, we're not wikipedia so it doesn't hurt if the site has at least 
some CSS ;)

>> - point at the lede landing page
>> *) trac
>> - trac is already readonly, keep content so that search engines can
>> still find the it
> Make a read only static HTML mirror, should be easy with a bit of
> scripting and rewrite the rest of the URLs elsewhere.
>> - edit the trac html templates, adding a note pointing at the
>> instance
> Can be done while scripting the mirror process.

That's the plan. For the interim period (given trac just dies randomly, 
so you have to be gentle while mirroring) we need the template change as 
John wrote.

>> *) email accounts
>> - currently there are around ~20 active mail accounts
>> - turn all the webmaster@, hostmaster@, ... accounts into aliases that
>> anyone with voting rights can be subscribed to
>> - ask those people that are no longer active to voluntarily give up
>> their accounts
>> - mail addresses may under no conditions be used for any personal
>> business, consultancy, applying for jobs, ... purposes
> According to the rules there shall be no personal mail accounts at all.
> There should be plenty of time until the actual remerge to fade them out
> and to set up forwarding elsewhere.

I hope you agree that a merge means both sides are adopting and need to 
find some common ground.

Some of the rules has to change, and as we've discussed it with John, 
one might want to send upstream submissions to make OpenWrt show up 
there like other projects do. You might also want to open a private 
conversation between the upstream platform / driver maintainer where 
having a project email address could be useful. Personally I only use my 
owrt address for FOSS related stuff and as far as I know, most people do 
the same.

LEDE has a rule which says: "Committers being unreachable for three 
months in a row shall get their commit and voting rights revoked in 
order to retain the ability to do majority votes among the remaining 
active committers." This rule is clearly problematic if you would like 
to extend voting rights to non-coders which I believe we want to do. 
Someone maintaining the wiki or the forums might never commit anything, 
but we do want to get their opinion heard. In the past we didn't make it 
easy for the community to interfere with decisions, I doubt we want to 
make the same mistake again.

>> - any mail sent from an account needs to adhere the
>> trademark policy and should only be used for FOSS purposes
> Is there any personal mail sent from at all? As far as I
> understood, only administrative stuff (subscriptions, ...) will be sent
> from this domain; the rest can be nailed down with SPF records.

See above.

>> *) wiki / forum
>> - TBD
>> - asking in either forum/wiki will get a biased vote so keep them both
>> around
>> - start a separate discussion regarding these post remerge
>> *) LF
>> - find out what doubts folks have about LF
>> - find out benefits - we would have their hosting and sponsorship ?!
>> - start a separate discussion regarding these post remerge
>> *) git trees
>> - rebrand the lede tree to openwrt
>> - work out what has happened inside the openwrt tree since the reboot
>> and pick up the useful bits (zoltan has done some prior work on this
>> already)
>> *) mailing list
>> - ask david to add the openwrt-adm and openwrt lists
>> - announce the switch to the infradead serves, asking people to
>> unsubscribe if they have privacy issues with this
>> - import the user DB from the current openwrt and lede ML into the 2 new
>> mailing lists
>> - find out if we can redirect/auto-reply  the existing lists to the new
>> ones
>> *) trademark/sponsorship policy
>> - review/ack imres trademark policy
>> - review/ack jows sponsorship policy
> I am not aware of any personal sponsorship policy, what is meant here?

We thought you are preparing a sponsorship policy draft we should vote 

>> *) timeline
>> - refine / vote / agree on the proposal withing the next 2 week
>> - work on the action items in the 4 weeks after that



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