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Tue May 9 19:36:41 EDT 2017


(some possible responses below)

On 05/09/2017 03:52 PM, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> Hi,
>> *) domain
>> - transfer owner ship to SPI for and
>> - add them to the pool of urls at digital ocean
>> - post remerge build a setup where we have several DNS servers in
>> various locations
> As far as I know, DigitalOceans DNS servers are hosted at CloudFlare,
> not sure if you can get much better than that; at least it seems like an
> odd priority item given the other pending remerge tasks.
>> - point at the lede git server
>> - point to the lede flyspray instance
>> - keep both wikis and forums as is (we should decide post remerge how to
>> proceed to avoid these issues blocking the progress)
>> - update the lede domain entries for build/download/rsync/... servers so
>> that the openwrt domain also points at them
> I do not understand this item.
>> *) SPI
>> - TBD post remerge
> I'd prefer to tackle this first.
>> *) github
>> - stop pushing to lede-project organisation
> Why?

The proposal indicates that OpenWrt gets used as a name moving forward,
so for consistency I presume we want to stop using the lede-project
organization on github and use the openwrt organization on github instead?

>> - start pushing to the openwrt organisation
> By force-overwriting the history of openwrt/openwrt ?

Yeah, that does not sounds great, but we could always save the current
master branch into a separate one (for those who care) and have the
current lede/master become the new master. Yes, that's overwriting, but
it should help smooth the transition no?

>> - cleanup the list of owners in the openwrt organisation
> What kind of cleanup is meant here?
>> - obsolete all issues on the openwrt organisation and close the issue
>> tracker
>> - go through the open openwrt and lede PRs, pickup whats useful and
>> close the rest, asking people to repost (things wont be rebasable anyhow)
>> - close the lede PR tracker
>> - keep the lede organisation in its current state so that forked trees
>> dont get obsoleted
>> - obsolete the lede github org after a grace period of 3-6 months
>> *) landing page
>> - update the lede landing page to represent the openwrt name
> Is there any joint statement which can be used?
>> - update the landing page to have the same look & feel as the current
>> openwrt landing page
> Why?
>> - point at the lede landing page
>> *) trac
>> - trac is already readonly, keep content so that search engines can
>> still find the it
> Make a read only static HTML mirror, should be easy with a bit of
> scripting and rewrite the rest of the URLs elsewhere.
>> - edit the trac html templates, adding a note pointing at the
>> instance
> Can be done while scripting the mirror process.
>> *) email accounts
>> - currently there are around ~20 active mail accounts
>> - turn all the webmaster@, hostmaster@, ... accounts into aliases that
>> anyone with voting rights can be subscribed to
>> - ask those people that are no longer active to voluntarily give up
>> their accounts
>> - mail addresses may under no conditions be used for any personal
>> business, consultancy, applying for jobs, ... purposes
> According to the rules there shall be no personal mail accounts at all.
> There should be plenty of time until the actual remerge to fade them out
> and to set up forwarding elsewhere.
>> - any mail sent from an account needs to adhere the
>> trademark policy and should only be used for FOSS purposes
> Is there any personal mail sent from at all? As far as I
> understood, only administrative stuff (subscriptions, ...) will be sent
> from this domain; the rest can be nailed down with SPF records.

I am pretty sure that has been used by a lot of people as a
convenient all purpose email at some point, there should be a
transitional period to allow re-subscription under a different email.

>> *) wiki / forum
>> - TBD
>> - asking in either forum/wiki will get a biased vote so keep them both
>> around
>> - start a separate discussion regarding these post remerge
>> *) LF
>> - find out what doubts folks have about LF
>> - find out benefits - we would have their hosting and sponsorship ?!
>> - start a separate discussion regarding these post remerge
>> *) git trees
>> - rebrand the lede tree to openwrt
>> - work out what has happened inside the openwrt tree since the reboot
>> and pick up the useful bits (zoltan has done some prior work on this
>> already)
>> *) mailing list
>> - ask david to add the openwrt-adm and openwrt lists
>> - announce the switch to the infradead serves, asking people to
>> unsubscribe if they have privacy issues with this
>> - import the user DB from the current openwrt and lede ML into the 2 new
>> mailing lists
>> - find out if we can redirect/auto-reply  the existing lists to the new
>> ones
>> *) trademark/sponsorship policy
>> - review/ack imres trademark policy
>> - review/ack jows sponsorship policy
> I am not aware of any personal sponsorship policy, what is meant here?

This is most likely referring to this thread:

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