OpenWrt/LEDE remerge/rebrand status

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Mar 21 05:27:22 EDT 2017

On Mon, 2017-03-20 at 16:58 -0700, Florian Fainelli wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is a summary of the people's opinion regarding the OpenWrt/LEDE
> remerge/rebrand questions as formulated here initially by John [1].
> Here is what I counted so far from the link above.
> - Re-merge:
> 	* Yes: Alexandru, Stijn, Mathias, Alvaro, Rafal, Piotr, Matthias S.,
> Daniel, Hans, John, Zoltan, Vincenzo, Felix, Luka, Matteo, Florian
> 	* Neutral: Jo-Philip
> - Re-brand LEDE to OpenWrt:
> 	* neutral: Alexandru, Stijn, Alvaro, Piotr, Matthias S., Daniel, Hans,
> John, Vincenzo, Felix
> 	* No: Mathias, Rafal, Alexander C., Jo
> 	* Yes: Zoltan, Luka, Matteo, Florian
> [1]:
> In terms of numbers:
> - in favor of a re-merge: 15
> - neutral to a re-merge: 1
> - in favor of re-branding LEDE to OpenWrt: 4
> - neutral to that: 10
> - against re-branding LEDE to OpenWrt: 4

My vote probably doesn't count either, which is why I originally didn't
actually give one. But FWIW I'd be happiest with a re-merge, and think
it's probably better to do so under the OpenWRT name. That's the way
I'd have voted.

The important part here, and the thing which caused the split in the
first place, is the process of development and collaboration. It looks
like we have a consensus on how to move forward on that, which is what
counts. I am very happy to see that happen, and I congratulate all

The name is much less relevant, and the main criterion there is the
public branding. People *know* OpenWRT, and will continue to do so.
Unlike LibreOffice, we have the option of keeping the well-known name.
I think we should do so.

Sure, there are some personal bad feelings associated with the OpenWRT
project name... but really? We are adult enough to get together with
the same people and work out our differences but we *can't* manage to
do so under the name which makes most long-term sense, because of our
subconscious hurt feelings? That... wouldn't bode well for the ongoing
success of the remerge.

Random anecdote... my wife teaches, and by the time her colleague's
wife was pregnant her fourth son, her husband just said "don't ask me
about names. Any name you can come up with, I'll have taught a boy with
that name who's been a complete arse". And yes, names have historical
associations. But by the time the child is born and you are calling it
that, that's *all* the name means to you; the past is irrelevant.

So let's move forward and call it OpenWRT. Because if we can't get past
that, then I don't hold out much hope for any of the remerge at all.

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