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Matthias Schiffer mschiffer at
Thu Mar 2 09:00:07 EST 2017

> 1) do we want to remerge
Yes. Regarding our code, I agree with Luiz: all active OpenWrt devs have
access to the LEDE tree, and we agreed to use LEDE as base for a merged
project. What is left is to pick relevant changes from the OpenWrt tree,
but as people mentioned before, everyone can help with this (and lately,
many code submissions for OpenWrt have been submitted for LEDE as well),
and it is not necessary to finish this before declaring our remerge done.

What is left, is to
1. remerge Wiki/forum/etc.
2. declare the OpenWrt tree dead and announce that the LEDE tree should be
used instead

I think point 2. is the most important as that will finally get rid of the
confusion of having two trees to contribute to, and needing to keep the
openwrt/packages master working with two different bases. At the same time,
I assume the OpenWrt devs won't agree to this step until we have resolved
the last questions, in particular the rebranding.

> 2) do we want to rebrand
Neutral. I don't really care about the name and will support any solution
that is agreed upon.


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