LEDE/OpenWrt merge discussion

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Fri Jun 10 09:45:52 EDT 2016


> The discussion regarding a merge between LEDE and OpenWrt seems to be
> heading nowhere at the moment.
> I've been talking to mbm and he asked me for more specific ideas on how
> such a merge could actually happen. In an email to the list, Zoltan also
> asked for our specific terms and wishes for a merge.
> Considering the significant progress that we've made on the code, our
> infrastructure and governance, I believe that a merge with OpenWrt needs
> to use all of our work as a starting point, specifically our codebase,
> governance rules and infrastructure and admin access policies.

"use all of our work" sounds a bit harsh :)

But I agree that the sanest way forward would be to adopt the LEDE Git
tree instead of redoing all the work from scratch. So far we did some
structural changes and patch merging but nothing which would make it
truly incompatible.

I'd very much like to see our governance rules, or at least something
properly reflecting their spirit being effective in the re-merged
project as well.

Having multiple persons with administrative access to services is sane
too, I don't think someone would argue over that. Maybe we even can find
some more neutral volunteers helping us here - this worked well for LEDE
with all the great work Ted did in setting things up.

> What other topics/issues do you guys think are essential to consider
> when we approach the OpenWrt team for a new attempt at settling this?

My topics for a combined OpenWrt/LEDE are:

 * Move the mailing lists to an external provider to ease the burden on
   server administration etc.

 * Granting push access to all the OpenWrt guys to the LEDE tree so
   that we can work on the combined code base together

 * Personally I'd like to invite the Github feed maintainers to
   participate in the project, to help with patch merging, volunteering
   in discussions and decisions etc.

 * Move the project domains to the SPI as a neutral 3rd party to avoid
   conflicts of interest in the future.

~ Jo

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