Documentation for LEDE (was: push access for richb)

Rich Brown richb.hanover at
Mon Jul 25 09:55:22 EDT 2016

Hi John,

Thanks for the kind words, and for pulling the Getting Started page (

I have some other thoughts about the documentation, but wanted to learn more about the group's discussions on the topic. Specifically:

- The current asciidoc pages are a start on the documentation. Have there been discussions about how to evolve the docs: desirable traits, systems considered, systems rejected, etc?
- Although I have been using OpenWrt for years, I'm not an expert. Would people in the group be willing to review articles?

Many thanks!


> On Jul 23, 2016, at 4:55 AM, John Crispin <john at> wrote:
> Hi,
> richb has been doing a lot of very solid documentation work over the
> last years which went beyond 'just' writing docs. he has sent a few PRs
> last week that had been pending due to people being to busy with other
> stuff, which is a bit of a shame. personally I would like to see him
> have push access, so that he can just push documentation work that he
> does himself in future.
> 	John

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