Release planning

Daniel Engberg daniel.engberg.lists at
Wed Dec 21 18:22:15 EST 2016


First of all, thanks for all the effort and time put into this project.

A few issues that I'd like to see resolved and some concerning ones if 
you want to maintain this release.

Major issue(s):

package/libs/polarssl/ needs to go, the mbedtls 1.3-branch is going end 
of life at the end of this year.

General issue(s):

Kirkwood's image building Makefile should be rewritten to use 
squashfs+ubifs like oxnas. Right now the compiled u-boot binaries are 
configured to use ubifs only images however they're are not generated. 
nbd have expressed concerns about the current layout and recommended to 
use the same setup as oxnas. It's a bit over my head but I'm willing to 
test images on my iomega connect platform which is one of the affected 

Issues I'd like to see resolved:

* Make blkid-tiny support exfat
* usbmode-data should be synced with upstream
* OpenVPN 2.4 should be included instead of 2.3 or possibly moved to the 
external package repo. This also provides mbedtls support to newer 
versions than 1.3.

Best regards,
Daniel Engberg

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