Release planning

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at
Wed Dec 21 15:48:04 EST 2016

Great that release planning is entering the final steps.

> The text below will refer to "" which is a placeholder for the
> final agreed date. It might be LEDE 16.12, LEDE 17.01 or even LEDE
> 17.02, depending on what is decided.

I would prefer 17.01 as the targeted branch/release number if the final 
release is planned for January 2017.
16.12 would be a bit strange for a 2017 relase.

> - How do we want to code name the release?
>    Imho we should avoid naming it the same as master ("Reboot") to
>    prevent future confusion. Maybe we could simply name it "Zero" or
>    "Debut" to underline the fact that it is the first release.

I suggest a "growing alphabet" logic for future release codenames. Similar as 
in Ubuntu, Eclipse, Openwrt & whatever. In the long run that is easier than 
arbitrary names (like WR, K and B before AA, BB and CC in Openwrt) for 
quickly seeing/remembering the age/order of the releases.

The starting point could be logically defined to almost any character, but 
preferably to the early alphabets...
Some ideas:
  - A as the first character in alphabet, (but maybe not, just to avoid 
confusion with earlier Openwrt releases)
  - D as a continuation of AA BB and CC
  - E like DD+1
  - F like first, fresh, fork
  - I like initial, Roman number 1

The name could be either one word (as in Eclipse) or adjective+word (as in 

The codenames can be from separate/individual themes, so that just the first 
letter is determined in advance. That is maybe the easiest, so that no 
definite themed list needs to be formed.

But the codenames could also from a defined theme. E.g. bird names, animal 
names, gem stones, planets, constellations, Greek mythology deities, ...
Some examples:
Anaconda, Bear, Camel, Dingo, Eagle, Fox, Gazelle, Hornet, Impala, Jaguar, 
Koala, Lion, Mink, ...
Albatross, Blackbird, Cuckoo, Duck, Eagle, Falcon, Goose, Hawk, ...

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