Switch issues and CI to GitHub

Lao Shaw laoshaw21 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 07:16:44 PST 2022

>> You must be
>> a) human,
>> b) age 13 or older, and
>> c) obey US law.
>> So who exactly can have a SourceHut account but not a Github account?
>At least anyone who:
>- doesn't run proprietary JavaScript; or
>- boycotts PRISM participants (e.g. Microsoft); or
>- boycotts GitHub or Microsoft for other reasons; or
>- accesses via Tor (IIRC - some time ago now).
>Also, people in the following territories have limited or no GitHub
>- Syria
>- Crimea
>- North Korea.
>People in those territories potentially have far more need of
>trustworthy routers, whose code is under their own control, than people
>almost anywhere else in the world.

While I personally hope those countries can access github freely,
it's not something Openwrt can resolve, maybe you can fork Openwrt
somewhere else and design a way for them to access? a project is not
United Nation counsel that _will_ solve world peace issues, it just

The reality is openwrt can barely make one release a year, whatever
infrastructure can help the project benefits us all. Others are free
to help those countries to access openwrt(which is why TOR exists, for
example), but let's not burden the core team with  political
responsibility, and let openwrt keep making the best OSS software


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