[PATCH 1/6] libsepol: update to version 3.3

Dominick Grift dominick.grift at defensec.nl
Fri Oct 22 04:51:11 PDT 2021

Update VERSIONs to 3.3 for release.
libsepol/cil: Fix potential undefined shifts
libsepol: Fix potential undefined shifts
Update VERSIONs to 3.3-rc3 for release.
libsepol/cil: Do not skip macros when resolving until later passes
libsepol/cil: Limit the amount of reporting for bounds failures
libsepol/cil: silence clang void-pointer-to-enum-cast warning
libsepol: resolve GCC warning about null-dereference
libsepol: use correct cast
libsepol: ebitmap: mark nodes of const ebitmaps const
Update VERSIONs to 3.3-rc2 for release.
libsepol/cil: Handle operations in a class mapping when verifying
libsepol/cil: Do not use original type and typeattribute datums
libsepol: free memory after policy validation
libsepol: avoid implicit conversions
libsepol: fix typo
libsepol/cil: Free duplicate datums in original calling function
libsepol/cil: Fix detected RESOURCE_LEAK (CWE-772)
Update VERSIONs and Python bindings version to 3.3-rc1 for release
libsepol/cil: Limit the number of active line marks
libsepol/cil: Add function to get number of items in a stack
libsepol: Fix detected RESOURCE_LEAKs
libsepol/cil: Fix syntax checking in __cil_verify_syntax()
libsepol/cil: Use size_t for len in __cil_verify_syntax()
libsepol/cil: Remove redundant syntax checking
libsepol/cil: Improve in-statement to allow use after inheritance
libsepol/cil: Simplify cil_tree_children_destroy()
libsepol/cil: Refactor the function __cil_build_ast_node_helper()
libsepol/cil: Don't destroy optionals whose parent will be destroyed
libsepol/cil: Properly check for parameter when inserting name
libsepol/cil: Reset expandtypeattribute rules when resetting AST
libsepol/cil: Properly check parse tree when printing error messages
libsepol/cil: Allow some duplicate macro and block declarations
libsepol/cil: When writing AST use line marks for src_info nodes
libsepol/cil: Report correct high-level language line numbers
libsepol/cil: Add line mark kind and line number to src info
libsepol/cil: Create common string-to-unsigned-integer functions
libsepol/cil: Push line mark state first when processing a line mark
libsepol/cil: Check for valid line mark type immediately
libsepol/cil: Check the token type after getting the next token
libsepol/cil: Check syntax of src_info statement
libsepol/cil: move the fuzz target and build script to the selinux repository
libsepol: replace strerror by %m
libsepol/cil: remove obsolete comment
libsepol/cil: do not allow \0 in quoted strings
libsepol/cil: Fix handling category sets in an expression
libsepol: assure string NUL-termination of ibdev_name
libsepol: avoid implicit conversions
libsepol: ignore UBSAN false-positives
libsepol: avoid unsigned integer overflow
libsepol/cil: Improve checking for bad inheritance patterns
libsepol: silence -Wextra-semi-stmt warning
libsepol/cil: do not override previous results of __cil_verify_classperms
libsepol/cil: Provide option to allow qualified names in declarations
libsepol/cil: make array cil_sym_sizes const
libsepol/cil: Only reset AST if optional has a declaration
libsepol/cil: Add function to determine if a subtree has a declaration
libsepol/cil: Improve degenerate inheritance check
libsepol/cil: Reduce the initial symtab sizes for blocks
libsepol/cil: Check for empty list when marking neverallow attributes
libsepol/cil: Fix syntax checking of defaultrange rule
libsepol/cil: Properly check for loops in sets
libsepol/cil: Allow duplicate optional blocks in most cases
libsepol: declare read-only arrays const
libsepol: declare file local variable static
libsepol: drop unnecessary casts
libsepol: drop repeated semicolons
libsepol/cil: avoid using maybe uninitialized variables
libsepol/cil: drop unnecessary casts
libsepol/cil: drop dead store
libsepol/cil: drop extra semicolon
libsepol/cil: silence cast warning
libsepol: remove dead stores
libsepol: do not allocate memory of size 0
libsepol: mark read-only parameters of type_set_ interfaces const
libsepol: mark read-only parameters of ebitmap interfaces const
libsepol: remove dead stores
libsepol/cil: follow declaration-after-statement
libsepol: follow declaration-after-statement
libsepol: avoid unsigned integer overflow
libsepol: remove unused functions
libsepol: resolve missing prototypes
libsepol: fix typos
libsepol: Quote paths when generating policy.conf from binary policy
libsepol/cil: Account for anonymous category sets in an expression
libsepol/cil: Fix anonymous IP address call arguments
libsepol: quote paths in CIL conversion
libsepol/cil: Resolve anonymous levels only once
libsepol/cil: Pointers to datums should be set to NULL when resetting
libsepol/cil: Resolve anonymous class permission sets only once
libsepol/cil: Limit the number of open parenthesis allowed
libsepol/cil: Destroy the permission nodes when exiting with an error
libsepol/cil: Handle disabled optional blocks in earlier passes
libsepol/cil: Do not resolve arguments to declarations in the call
libsepo/cil: Refactor macro call resolution
libsepol/cil: Do not add NULL node when inserting key into symtab
libsepol/cil: Make name resolution in macros work as documented
libsepol/cil: Fix name resolution involving inherited blocks
libsepol/cil: Check for self-referential loops in sets
libsepol/cil: Return an error if a call argument fails to resolve
libsepol/cil: Check datum in ordered list for expected flavor
libsepol/cil: Detect degenerate inheritance and exit with an error
libsepol/cil: Fix instances where an error returns SEPOL_OK
libsepol/cil: Properly reset an anonymous classperm set
libsepol: use checked arithmetic builtin to perform safe addition
libsepol/cil: Add functions to make use of cil_write_ast()
libsepol/cil: Create functions to write the CIL AST
libsepol/cil: Use CIL_ERR for error messages in cil_compile()
libsepol/cil: Make invalid statement error messages consistent
libsepol/cil: Do not allow tunable declarations in in-statements
libsepol/cil: Sync checks for invalid rules in macros
libsepol/cil: Check for statements not allowed in optional blocks
libsepol/cil: Sync checks for invalid rules in booleanifs
libsepol/cil: Reorder checks for invalid rules when resolving AST
libsepol/cil: Use AST to track blocks and optionals when resolving
libsepol/cil: Create new first child helper function for building AST
libsepol/cil: Cleanup build AST helper functions
libsepol/cil: Reorder checks for invalid rules when building AST
libsepol/cil: Move check for the shadowing of macro parameters
libsepol/cil: Create function cil_add_decl_to_symtab() and refactor
libsepol/cil: Refactor helper function for cil_gen_node()
libsepol/cil: Allow permission expressions when using map classes
libsepol/cil: Exit with an error if declaration name is a reserved word
libsepol/cil: More strict verification of constraint leaf expressions
libsepol/cil: Set class field to NULL when resetting struct cil_classperms
libsepol/cil: cil_reset_classperms_set() should not reset classpermission
libsepol/cil: Destroy classperm list when resetting map perms
libsepol/cil: Destroy classperms list when resetting classpermission
libsepol/cil: Fix out-of-bound read of file context pattern ending with "\"
libsepol/cil: Check for duplicate blocks, optionals, and macros
libsepol: Write "NO_IDENTIFIER" for empty CIL constraint expression
libsepol: Enclose identifier lists in CIL constraint expressions
libsepol/cil: Allow lists in constraint expressions
libsepol: Enclose identifier lists in constraint expressions
libsepol: Write "NO_IDENTIFIER" for empty constraint expression
libsepol: make num_* unsigned int in module_to_cil
libsepol/cil: do not leak avrulex_ioctl_table memory when an error occurs
libsepol/cil: fix NULL pointer dereference in __cil_insert_name
libsepol/cil: replace printf with proper cil_tree_log
libsepol/cil: remove stray printf
libsepol/cil: make cil_post_fc_fill_data static
libsepol: Check kernel to CIL and Conf functions for supported versions
libsepol: Remove unnecessary copying of declarations from link.c
libsepol: Properly handle types associated to role attributes
libsepol: Expand role attributes in constraint expressions

Signed-off-by: Dominick Grift <dominick.grift at defensec.nl>
 package/libs/libsepol/Makefile | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/package/libs/libsepol/Makefile b/package/libs/libsepol/Makefile
index c7950a9ba0..87f1ccd917 100644
--- a/package/libs/libsepol/Makefile
+++ b/package/libs/libsepol/Makefile
@@ -6,12 +6,12 @@
 include $(TOPDIR)/rules.mk
 PKG_MAINTAINER:=Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at bootlin.com>

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