ath11k - pci - backports/.config issue

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Thu Oct 21 13:54:25 PDT 2021

On 10/21/21 6:52 PM, Robert Marko wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Oct 2021 at 18:30, Janusz Dziedzic <janusz.dziedzic at> wrote:
>> czw., 21 paź 2021 o 17:54 Robert Marko <robimarko at> napisał(a):
>>> For PCI/USB bus level support there are per target feature flags that are set and then you can check if those are set so that you cant even select usb wlan driver if the target doesnt even have usb support enabled.
>> OK I see. Seems I can select all required kernel parts except:
>> QCOM_QMI_HELPERS - which is slected when ath11k/mac80211 - and we get
>> this from backports :)
>> ATH11K [=n] && NETDEVICES [=y] && WLAN [=y] && WLAN_VENDOR_ATH [=y] &&
>> MAC80211 [=n] && HAS_DMA [=y] && CRYPTO_MICHAEL_MIC [=y]
>> Seems kernel patch required to choose it manaully.
> Yes, I had to add text to the tristate as otherwise its hidden.
> Regards,
> Robert

You can create kmod packages for the kernel modules build by MHI_BUS, 
QRTR, QCOM_QMI_HELPERS and whatever you need. Then the ath11k package in 
OpenWrt selects them and it should build on all targets.

We already added a title text to other configuration symbols, see 

The hard part is known which patches to backport in addition. ;-)


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