Release goals for 22.XX

Martin Schiller ms at
Tue Oct 19 22:26:19 PDT 2021

On 2021-10-20 04:47, Paul Spooren wrote:
> For now layerscape is still on 5.4 without Kernel 5.10 support. Is
> anyone planing to add support? Please reach out.

As I had already written on 08 October, I am already working on it.
Thereby I try to bring all relevant components to the state of

Currently I'm a bit stuck with the kernel. It is a mammoth task to
extract all the patches from the patched kernel [1], filter out the
relevant ones and port them to the already patched openwrt v5.10.72.

My first tests with it are unfortunately still without success:
When booting, the system hangs after the last uboot message "Starting
kernel ...".

I am currently trying to find out what this could be.

At [2] you can find a state with the updated packages like bootloader
and firmwares.

There is also a small inconsistency here. I have 2 boards for runtime
tests. At the ls1046ardb the pcie bus is not enumerated by the uboot
anymore, so the pcie bus is also not recognized in the Linux system.
With ls1046afrwy, however, everything works as before.


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