Release goals for 22.XX

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Sun Oct 10 14:12:04 PDT 2021

On 10/10/21 2:44 AM, Sergey Ryazanov wrote:
> Hello Rui,
> On Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 4:40 PM Rui Salvaterra <rsalvaterra at> wrote:
>> On Fri, 8 Oct 2021 at 11:09, Rui Salvaterra <rsalvaterra at> wrote:
>>> Nothing in this target has more than 32 MiB of RAM (most devices have
>>> 16 MiB) [1]. Just put it out of its misery. :)
>> Scratch that. After chatting with dangole, there may be some life in
>> it, after all. I have an ath25 device (FON2200) and didn't even
>> remember it.
> I am in the process of migrating ath25 to the 5.10 kernel. Initial
> build was trivial. But I need to restore the Marvel swconfig driver
> that was lost during the initial 5.10 kernel introduction, and
> carefully run-time test it.


Does it make sense to directly convert this board to the upstream DSA 
driver for the Marvell 88E6060 switch:
It looks like our swconfig driver creates a bridge over all ports and 
the DSA driver only allows communication between the individual port and 
the CPU port.

I do not know how much effort this is and if you have the device for 


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