Release goals for 22.XX

Paul Spooren mail at
Sun Oct 10 02:16:30 PDT 2021

On 10/9/21 9:57 PM, Russell Senior wrote:
>>>>>> "Sergey" == Sergey Ryazanov <ryazanov.s.a at> writes:
> Sergey> I am in the process of migrating ath25 to the 5.10
> Sergey> kernel. Initial build was trivial. But I need to restore the
> Sergey> Marvel swconfig driver that was lost during the initial 5.10
> Sergey> kernel introduction, and carefully run-time test it. I bricked
> Sergey> (or possibly broke) my test FON2200 during the last migration to
> Sergey> the 5.4. Would you like to volunteer and test the new version as
> Sergey> soon as it will be ready?
> I have some ath25 devices (some even still providing service as dumb APs), I can test too.
> First gen ubiquiti nanostations and accton mr3201a's.
> PS: frankly, i don't understand the rush to de-support older devices.
What rush? Pushing for new Kernels is not done to *de-support * older 
devices but to simplify maintenance by having a single Kernel version 
within a release.

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