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Paul Spooren mail at
Tue Oct 5 15:07:30 PDT 2021

Hi all,

based on my overview[1] things are moving forward and being tested, 
great! What about the targets that did not see any 5.10 ambitions yet? 

- arc770
- archs38
- ath25
- bcm47xx
- bcm4908
- ipq807x
- layerscape
- pistachio
- uml

Is anyone aware of people working on those targets? Please let me know.



On 9/29/21 10:28, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:
> Hi,
> The OpenWrt 21.02 release is done and we should plan the next release.
> We already talked about this in the last meeting, see 
> To monitor the current state I created this wiki page based on the 
> wiki page from the previous release:
> I would like to get an overview about the "big" changes, if an 
> additional board is added or something is improved we do not need to 
> plan it.
> I would like to get the following:
> kernel 5.10:
> We should get all targets to kernel 5.10. All targets which are not on 
> kernel 5.10 when we branch off should get removed.
> Kernel version for all targets:
> Kernel 5.10 (only):
>  bmips
> Kernel 5.10 (5.4 still present):
>  bcm27xx bcm53xx gemini ipq806x mediatek mvebu x86
> Testing 5.10:
>  apm821xx armvirt ath79 bcm63xx imx6 ipq40xx kirkwood lantiq malta
>  mpc85xx mxs octeon octeontx oxnas ramips realtek rockchip sunxi tegra
> Kernel 5.4 only:
>  arc770 archs38 at91 ath25 bcm47xx bcm4908 ipq807x layerscape omap 
> pistachio uml zynq
> toolchain:
> We already updated the toolchain in master to GCC 11.2, binutils 2.37 
> and musl 1.2.2. This looks good to me. Minor version updates of musl 
> libc later should be ok. gdb and glibc could also be update later if 
> someone wants to do it.
> mac80211:
> I would like to update the mac80211 version we use to match the code 
> from kernel 5.15 or whatever will be the next LTS kernel. I haven't 
> started yet.
> DSA:
> We will migrate some more boards to DSA, the lantiq/xrx200 target is 
> using DSA in master now. It looks like some boards with qca8k would 
> switch. These changes should be local to one target or even board 
> anyway. The infrastructure is already provided. This can continue 
> without much coordination and we can see what is finished when we branch.
> firewall4:
> OpenWrt master contains firewall4 optionally which uses nftables 
> instead of iptables. It uses the same configuration as firewall3, the 
> old configuration should still work. Custom iptables extensions should 
> also still work when we use iptables-nft which supports the iptables 
> user interface and generates nftables rules, even Debian stable uses 
> iptables-nft by default. Flow offloading (software and hardware) is 
> supported by upstream kernel when nftables is used, we are currently 
> using a patch to make it "work" with iptables too.
> We have to activate it by default and deactivate firewall3.
> We probably need some minor modifications to LuCi to show the current 
> nftables firewall status. This is not device depended like DSA, we can 
> easily test this on one device and it should work the same way on all 
> others.
> LuCi:
> What is still needed in LuCi?
> Is there anything else which is blocking, should be added or needs a 
> discussion?
> Hauke
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