[PATCH] kernal: skip hpower setting for the module which has no revs

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Mon Nov 29 06:22:09 PST 2021

Could you test if the attached patch fixes the issue for you?  This
rearranges the tests in sfp_module_parse_power() so that your module is
silently accepted without reconfiguration - like it was before commit

The module will still be rejected as EINVAL in case the host doesn't
support high power.

We don't try to configure modules modules requiring the unsupported
Address Change Sequence. I see no reason to reject such modules even if
the host doesn't support high power, so I moved that block up in front
of the host power check.  Completely untested since I don't have any
such module...

This should not change anything for other types of modules.


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