mac address issue of tp-link wdr3600 and archer c7-v2

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann s.l-h at
Mon Nov 15 13:30:09 PST 2021


On 2021-11-15, e9hack wrote:
> I'm using two tp-link routers. Both are using the same mac address for one eth and one wlan interface:
> archer c7-v2:
> uboot	60:xx:xx:xx:xx:E6
> eth0	60:xx:xx:xx:xx:E7
> eth1	60:xx:xx:xx:xx:E6
> wlan0	60:xx:xx:xx:xx:E4	5G
> wlan1	60:xx:xx:xx:xx:E6	2.4G
> wdr3600:
> uboot	C0:xx:xx:xx:xx:60
> eth0	C0:xx:xx:xx:xx:60
> wlan0	C0:xx:xx:xx:xx:5F	2.4G
> wlan1	C0:xx:xx:xx:xx:60	5G
> It looks like if an address decrement is missing for one wlan interface. I don't know if this can trigger a problem.

The rule is to follow the MAC assignments of the OEM firmware, not
to invent new MAC addresses (which then can overlap in practice and
create real problems). It's quite possible that the OEM firmware
shared the same MAC address for one wired, and one wireless interface
that generally won't cause too much trouble.

The documented behaviour for the tl-wdr3600 would be:

	LAN  label
	WAN  label + 1
	5G   label
	2G   label - 1

according to;a=commitdiff;h=a4260eaab7744c8e3f1f7a62a61aab5e3b562342

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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