[PATCH] bcm53xx: add support for Asus RT-AC88U

Arınç ÜNAL arinc.unal at arinc9.com
Tue Nov 9 14:01:02 PST 2021

On 06/11/2021 17:55, Arınç ÜNAL wrote:
>> On 4 Nov 2021, at 10:25, Rafał Miłecki <rafal at milecki.pl> wrote:
>> On 04.11.2021 07:52, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
>>>> On 25.10.2021 23:37, Arınç ÜNAL wrote:
>>>> @@ -8,6 +8,12 @@ netgear,r8000)
>>>>        ucidef_set_led_usbport "usb2" "USB 2.0" "bcm53xx:white:usb2" "usb1-port2" "usb2-port2"
>>>>        ucidef_set_led_usbport "usb3" "USB 3.0" "bcm53xx:white:usb3" "usb1-port1" "usb2-port1" "usb4-port1"
>>>>        ;;
>>>> +asus,rt-ac88u)
>>>> +    ucidef_set_led_default "power" "Power" "white:power" "1"
>>> Do we need that? "power" led seems to be enabled by default by DTS code:
>>> linux,default-trigger = "default-on";
>>>> +    ucidef_set_led_netdev "lan" "LAN" "white:lan" "eth1"
>>> This info should be put in DT but we don't have bindings for that yet.
>> Actually it seems "trigger-sources" can be used with Ethernet interfaces
>> as well. So I think what you need is to:
>> 1. Add #trigger-source-cells = <0>; to ethernet@ nodes
>> 2. Add trigger-sources = <&gmac0>; (or another gmac) to the LED node

This does not make ledtrig-netdev set gmac0 (translated to the network 
interface name Linux creates) as the device_name

We'd have to specify these on the device tree:
device_name, interval, link, tx, rx

I can't define all of these in a way where it will work with 

>> 3. Read trigger-sources in the ledtrig-netdev.c
>> For a refernece check drivers/usb/core/ledtrig-usbport.c

Trigger-sources are not there on ledtrig-netdev.c.

I believe it's not possible to define netdev trigger properly on the 
device tree with the current state of ledtrig-netdev.c.

If you'd like to have everything (except lan for now) led taken out of 
01_leds, let me know. I'm going to send v2 based on your response.


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