[PATCH v3 0/5] realtek: Use WDT for system restart

Birger Koblitz mail at birger-koblitz.de
Sun Nov 7 00:21:53 PDT 2021

Hi Sander,

On 06/11/2021 20:47, Sander Vanheule wrote:
> With some extra testing, I have found that the network port that was active before a
> watchdog reset, doesn't do much anymore after restarting. Replugging the cable into a port
> that was not used before the reset works, but that's not really useful if the system isn't
> readily accessible or has no unused ports. I don't think the current network code resets
> more than just the CPU NIC, so maybe the networking code could be ammended to also reset
> the switch control tables, etc. Any thoughts on this?
Resetting different SoC parts in the RTL chips is very badly documented in the GPLed SDK code
available, in fact the SDK only ever resets the NIC itself. Combine that with the fact that
the global SoC reset at least on the RTL8380 SoCs does not put the chip into the same state
as a power off, we are left with experimenting. My impression is that the 838x based
routers are not supposed to be software reset. Instead once the SoC is configured for switching
by a user through a web interface they will run forever doing everything in silicon even
if the CPU hangs completely.

In OWRT resets happen in rtl838x_hw_reset(), this is the latest version with RTL93xx support:
	/* Reset NIC  */
	if (priv->family_id == RTL9300_FAMILY_ID || priv->family_id == RTL9310_FAMILY_ID)
		sw_w32(0x86, priv->r->rst_glb_ctrl);
		sw_w32(0x8, priv->r->rst_glb_ctrl);

	do { /* Wait for reset of NIC and Queues done */
	} while (sw_r32(priv->r->rst_glb_ctrl) & 0xff);
You can try to reset more parts of the switch by adding more bits to what is written
into the RST_GLB_CTRL register. Obvious candidates in addition to bit 3 (NIC reset) are:
BIT 0: SW_RST (switch reset?)
BIT 1: SW_CFG_RST (switch configuration reset?)
BIT 2: SW_Q_RST (switch Queues reset, this is done on the 93xx platforms in the SDK)
BIT 4: SW_SERDES_RST (reset the built-in SerDes?)
BIT 5: SW_PHY_RST (reset the built in PHY of the RTL838x? That is what I would try first.)
I would avoid the CPU_MEM_RST reset which sounds like a reset of the DRAM interface.
The TBL_*_RST bits seem to allow resetting the various L2 configuration tables but unless you see
a strange configuration after a WD trigger, I would not touch those.

Of course the issue you describe could also be due to an issue with the PHY-MAC communication
and you need to reset the external PHY (you don't mention the specific device).


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