awk problem on pistachio (24kc+24kf)

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Tue Nov 2 15:49:02 PDT 2021


On pistachio sysupgrade in master fails and I got down to a problem with 
awk. This command returns different results on pistachio compared to 
other targets:
    echo "mtd2: 00002000 00001000 \"uEnv\"" | awk -F: '{print $1}'

When I execute this on an lantiq/xrx200 or mt7622 device I get this:

When I execute this command on pistachio in master I get this:
    mtd2: 00002000 00001000 "uEnv"

This is part of the find_mtd_index() function used for sysupgrade.

The pistachio target is MIPS 32 little Endian with hardware floating 
point activated. This target is not much used, nobody complained that it 
did not boot for multiple months, but I am interested why it fails.

I also see this problem with OpenWrt master from August 2020 which was 
still on the board.


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