Luci->Network->Interfaces is broken

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Sat May 29 13:44:59 PDT 2021

On 5/29/21 10:25 PM, e9hack wrote:
> Hi,
> it looks like that Luci->Network->Interfaces is broken. It shows a 
> NotFountError (Resource not found) message. My build from 22.05. forces 

> me to convert something related to network configuration. Afterwards, 
> this dialogue shows the interface configuration. Starting with build 
> from 27.05. it shows the NotFountError (Resource not found) message. 
> Builds from 22.05., 24.05. and 26.05. do show the interfaces 
> configuration in Luci.
> Regards,
> Hartmut

Hi Hartmut,

What device are you using?
There were bigger changes to the switch configuration recently. Are you 
using a recent version of OpenWrt master and LuCi?


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