[PATCH v2] ath79: add support for Ubiquiti PowerBeam M (XW)

Vincent Wiemann vincent.wiemann at ironai.com
Mon May 24 02:51:51 PDT 2021

Hi Russel,

On 5/24/21 1:06 AM, Russell Senior wrote:
> On the PowerBeam M2 (PBE-M2-400) I see "e2 c2" in the same locations, not "e6 c2".

That's very interesting... I think the PowerBeam 400 was sold under the
NanoBeam series at the beginning. So there might be an entry missing.
Is your PowerBeam old?

> Vincent> While I think there shouldn't be different DTS files for them,
> Vincent> there is a script missing that respects the antenna and
> Vincent> external PA gain of these devices.

Maybe we should add it to the wiki instead.



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