grub2-editenv: does depend since recently on liblzma

Dirk Neukirchen plntyk.lede at
Thu May 20 03:17:51 PDT 2021

Hello Florian

On 20.05.21 09:41, Florian Eckert wrote:
> What is your opinion on this or how can we solve this in another way?
> Or do you not have this problem?
liblzma detection is automatic  - so this seems to be some hidden error before / build environment related

disabling it is possible according to

"LZMA" (liblzma -> USE_LIBLZMA, lzma.h) is used in grub util/mkimage.c

looking at grub code - lzma.h/liblzma from xz means "GRUB_COMPRESSION_XZ" / compress_kernel_xz

disabling it then prints

"Without liblzma (no support for XZ-compressed mips images) (explicitly disabled)"


afaik we do not support grub on MIPS; but --compress=xz  is also disabled by that so many cmdline defaults might not be working : (util/grub-mkimage.c)

Notice that grub contains an grub-core/lib/xzembed/xz.h for some other XZ functionality (grub-core/fs/squash4.c:    COMPRESSION_XZ = 4)

Attached the simple patch that is build-tested with:

# CONFIG_FEED_luci is not set
# CONFIG_FEED_packages is not set
# CONFIG_FEED_routing is not set
# CONFIG_FEED_telephony is not set

no lzma error , lzma linkage  seems fine : checked compile.log for the disable msg + @build path the config.log

Feel free to add / modify etc

sry for strange formatting - thunderbird update currently messes with text-only settings that worked fine before

> Best regards
> Florian
> [1];a=commit;h=e74d81ece2e2932a4f370d8e6d180061a6a2c229
> [2]

Greetings, Dirk

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