Can I please request a review for an open PR?

Josef Schlehofer josef.schlehofer at
Wed May 19 01:42:06 PDT 2021


While we are at the packages repository [1], where are currently more
than 80 PR's opened, can someone take a look also at more than 200 PR's
opened at OpenWrt repository [2]? ;-) E.g. this PR -
openwrt/openwrt#3861 [3].

Rather, my question is that anyone, even you, can review anything, share
your comments/thoughts and afterward review these changes and approve
them if you like them, of course.

If you take a look at the patch, not all of my comments were resolved,
unfortunately. In my opinion, we can not add patches where is no header
like author and more proper commit description. Ideally, all these
patches should be submitted to the upstream first,  so we have few
unmaintained patches and less diversity against upstream projects. We
are constantly improving the packages repository and make it better for

In any case, I am not the only reviewer in the packages repository,
though. It is based on priorities, though. From my point, it looks
different when the reviewer or maintainer disappears as he/she is not
active at GitHub at all based on the activity.






On 19. 05. 21 10:08, Jaime wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm following an open PR
> ( that is currently
> waiting on a review, but the reviewer has disappeared for a few weeks.
> Is it possible to request a review from another developer/committer?
> Thank you.
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