[PATCH 0/3] ccache: Disable Documentation build ( fix 21.02 build failure )

David Adair djabhead at aol.com
Fri May 14 15:59:09 PDT 2021

This is an alternative solution to the problem with 21.02-rc1 failing
to build due to non-ascii characters in the ccache man pages.  Rather
than fixing the failing man pages it uses the upstream pull/842 from
ynezz to disable generating the (unused) man pages completely.

The change is intended for 21.02 since master does not (currently) have
any build problems but it is divided into 3 parts for easier cherry
picking in case it is desired.

Will reply with patches once this shows up in archives.

Patch 1/3  ccache: Build with ENABLE_DOCUMENTATION=OFF
( generally useful )
This adjusts the Makefile to use the new option to turn off the doc
builds.  It will not cause any problems except a warning about
unused options if combined with a ccache source missing the
upstream patch.

( optional )
This is optional since the default used above is "n" but provides a
way to verify patch 1 works with "y".
It could potentially be useful:
 - If we want the default to be "y" e.g. keep building docs.
 - To document / reserve the CONFIG setting.
 - To supress docs on other packages. Would be most useful for the
   autoconf based tools but I could not figure out an easy way to
   accomplish that.

Patch 3/3 ccache: Add 030-make-documentation-optional.patch
( only for 21.02 )
This adds upstream commit b96ca763c453a602 as a patch to enable
patch 1/3.  It is currently only required for the 21.02 branch.

David Adair (3):
  ccache: Add 030-make-documentation-optional.patch

 config/Config-build.in                        |  9 +++++
 tools/ccache/Makefile                         |  3 ++
 .../030-make-documentation-optional.patch     | 37 +++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 49 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 tools/ccache/patches/030-make-documentation-


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