Activate https server support in 21.02 by default

Petr Štetiar ynezz at
Fri May 14 01:58:42 PDT 2021

Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at> [2021-05-11 20:13:18]:


> I am no sure https support should still be something by default in the
> images as it's not something really essential

to me it's like discussion about telnet versus SSH. (Puting aside, that one
shouldn't be using password at all) If it's fine with you to send your root
password over telnet, then SSH is not essential, I agree.

FYI HTTPS wouldn't be enabled by default, it would be *available* by default,
giving users of default release images choice for management of their devices
over HTTPS, by doing so *explicitly*.

OpenWrt has quite huge community, so I hope, that having HTTPS available in
default images would bring the currently horrible UX of self-signed
certificates to wider audience which in turn might foster improvements.

-- ynezz

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