realtek: Setup all VLANs with default configurations

Russell Senior russell at
Sat May 8 00:55:45 BST 2021

The recent commit 4342d27ec90cd0988fd3e62ccefbe66f2e691372 to OpenWrt
seems to have broken the network on my Netgear GS108T v3. After about
300-500 seconds of uptime, the interface (in my case, switch.1
configured as WAN) stops receiving traffic. Nothing in dmesg or syslog
at the time of failure. From tcpdump -i switch.1 I can see the device
ARP'ing for the gateway address (which it received by DHCP) but not
seeing anything come back. Rolling back to the commit immediately
before and I don't see the problem and can ping the gateway


Russell Senior, President
russell at

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