Paid support for MT7621 WAN port bugs in 21.02 HEAD/MASTER

Strontium strntydog at
Tue May 4 23:31:50 BST 2021

Actually in this case the problems seem to be in the new wired ethernet
drivers using the linux DSA infrastructure  (mtk_soc_eth.c and mt7530.c)
are causing the issues.  I have had no luck narrowing down either fault
as every avenue i have explored has lead to a dead end so far.

One of the fault test cases i found the watchdog timeout was more
reliably triggered by using wifi -> wan traffic, but i don't believe the
problem is the wifi (mt76) driver, because the timeout is caused by
mtk_soc_eth.c blocking.

The old drivers in the v4.xx kernels worked fine in this regard, so its
something to do with the new DSA drivers.

The odd thing is Lan1-Lan4 use the same drivers, but do no exhibit the
issue, its constrained to the WAN interface.


On 4/5/21 10:35 pm, Fernando Frediani wrote:
> That's a great initiative. Well done.
> Regards mt76 driver if I am not wrong MediaTek had sponsored someone
> from the community a while ago to develop it, but I guess that is not
> the case anymore.
> If after this offer someone can take it again that would be great.
> These 2 bugs are not the only ones that needs fixing int mt76
> Regards
> Fernando
> On 04/05/2021 00:56, Strontium wrote:
>> The company I work for is interested in contracting/sponsoring a
>> knowledgeable developer to resolve the following bug reports in OpenWrt
>> 21.02:
>> These problems will negatively effect the entire OpenWrt community of
>> users with MT7621 based devices if they are not addressed before OpenWrt
>> 21.02 is formally released, so we would like to see them addressed for
>> everyone's benefit.
>> If you are interested in helping us, please contact me directly and we
>> can discuss the details.
>> Steven
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