[PATCH 21.02] ipq806x: backport cpufreq changes to 5.4

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Sun Jun 27 14:41:22 PDT 2021


On 20-06-21, Shane Synan wrote:
> In the time since submitting this, I've continued testing this
> change on my ZyXEL NBG6817.  I'm reasonably confident this fixes my
> issue (11/11 successes), and if there's any further testing that
> would help, let me know!

Thanks for the patch and testing, I'd like to merge it in the next few
days (before 21.02.0 final).  I'll update the commit message.

Ansuel, do you have any feedback on this backport?  It seems to help things.

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