OpenWrt 21.02 planning

Etan Kissling etan.kissling at
Mon Jun 21 12:58:46 PDT 2021

>> 3. Feature: Extending Dnsmasq with conntrack based DNS query filtering.
> This is still being reviewed by Dnsmasq. It would be great if this could
> still make it into OpenWrt 21.02. This extends firewall capabilities
> with DNS name pattern based DNS query filtering on a per client basis.

This has been accepted by Dnsmasq as of 627056febbf1b08e3028700184ee2f6c7ae799c6.;a=commitdiff;h=627056febbf1b08e3028700184ee2f6c7ae799c6

I'll submit a patch against OpenWrt master and 21.02 that extends UCI
support to also include configuration options for the new functionality.


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