realtek: Traffic directly on lanX not working

Birger Koblitz mail at
Sun Jun 20 07:30:41 PDT 2021

> Hi,
> Thank you for the links, I was not aware of this strange problem.
> Do you have access to a documentation of any of these chips or only some source code?
> We could add some special handling for these chips in the failsafe mode, let me look into this.
> Hauke


the hardware documentation is very poor, not much more than advertisement for the SoCs, e.g. for the RTL8380
it does not mention these special VLAN properties.

All the code is based on the GPL drops. However, the latest ones comprise the complete SDK for these chips
and are relatively readable, pick the one on the XGS1210 from here:
For the RTL8380, the VLAN configuration is done in sdk/src/dal/maple/dal_maple_vlan.c
The default VLAN configuration is done in function _dal_maple_vlan_init_config


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