[OpenWrt-Devel] mt76x8: Onion Omega2+ reboot problem [Was: mt76x8: Strange GPIO numbering on Onion Omega2+]

David Bauer mail at david-bauer.net
Sun Jun 13 03:28:22 PDT 2021

Hi Lukas,

On 6/13/21 11:43 AM, Lukas Zeller wrote:
> But I was curious to learn what the feature does, and had a look at spi-nor.c (spi_nor/core.c). If I haven't misread the code, it restores the addressing mode to 3 byte at shutdown. This means an orderly reboot will work, but a unexpected SoC reset w/o power cycle will still hang. So if the use case is something that *must* reboot after any kind of reset (e.g. HW watchdog) this flag cannot fix the (HW) problem.

Note that in case of OpenWrt, there if 481-mtd-spi-nor-rework-broken-flash-reset-support.patch,
which causes the flash to restore to 3 byte addressing after each operation.

> This implementation makes it only break when a kernel panic happens during flash operation on 16M+

So it should be "good-enough" for most use-cases.


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