Should ubus be marked as target-specific "nonshared"? (broken 21.02 rc2 imagebuilder)

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at
Sun Jun 6 00:56:49 PDT 2021

Paul Spooren kirjoitti 5.6.2021 klo 22.49:
> Sounds good to me. Do you mind investigate what other packages are affected

I went through the ~60 instances of "nonshared" packages in the main OpenWrt 
repo, and found that toggling six packages to nonshared would solve the 
common problems:

libubox, ubus, uci, lua, libjson-c, libnl-tiny

Additionally also elfutils (libelf, libdw)  could be toggled to nonshared, 
but as that is only needed for the non-default "perf" package, I do not find 
it that important.

(I left iptables aside from the analysis as iptables modules have lots of 
internal dependencies.)


Nonshared packages having a dependency to an ABI revisioned normal package:

libiwinfo    --> +PACKAGE_kmod-cfg80211:libnl-tiny +libuci +libubus,
libiwinfo-lua --> +libiwinfo +liblua,
umbim        --> +libubox +kmod-usb-net +kmod-usb-net-cdc-mbim +wwan,
uqmi         --> +libubox +libblobmsg-json +kmod-usb-net 
+kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan +wwan,
mtd          --> +libubox,
block-mount  --> +ubox +libubox +libuci +libblobmsg-json +libjson-c,
blockd        --> +block-mount +fstools +libubus +kmod-fs-autofs4 
+libblobmsg-json +libjson-c,
ltq-vdsl-app --> @TARGET_lantiq_xrx200 +libpthread +librt +ltq-dsl-base 
+libubox +libubus,
ltq-adsl-app --> 
+libpthread +ltq-dsl-base +libubox +libubus,

perf      --> +libelf +libdw +PACKAGE_libunwind:libunwind +libpthread +librt 

Solving the above ABI dependencies by toggling these to nonshared:

libubox (libubox, libubox-lua, libblobmsg-json),
ubus (libubus),
uci (libuci),
lua (liblua),

elfutils (libelf, libdw)

Nonshared packages having a harmless dependency to normal packages (excluding 
packages with dependencies to just kmods or target):

fstools      --> +ubox +USE_GLIBC:librt +NAND_SUPPORT:ubi-utils
dropbear  --> +DROPBEAR_ZLIB:zlib
comgt     --> +chat
comgt-ncm --> +comgt +wwan +kmod-usb-serial-option +kmod-usb-net-huawei-cdc-ncm
comgt-directip --> +comgt +wwan +kmod-usb-serial-option 
dsl-vrx200-firmware-xdsl-a-patch --> @TARGET_lantiq_xrx200 
+dsl-vrx200-firmware-xdsl-b +bspatch
ltq-dsl-base --> @TARGET_lantiq +jshn
base-files --> +netifd +libc +jsonfilter +SIGNED_PACKAGES:usign 
+SIGNED_PACKAGES:openwrt-keyring +NAND_SUPPORT:ubi-utils +fstools +fwtool

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