wrong activation of internal radius server

e9hack e9hack at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 06:22:57 PDT 2021


OpenWrt has been supporting hostapd's internal radius server for a few days. For several years there has been a line in the init-script that activates the internal radius server too. I think this is wrong (from hostapd.sh):

	[ -n "$wps_possible" -a -n "$config_methods" ] && {
		set_default ext_registrar 0
		set_default wps_device_type "6-0050F204-1"
		set_default wps_device_name "OpenWrt AP"
		set_default wps_manufacturer "www.openwrt.org"
		set_default wps_independent 1

		[ -n "$wps_not_configured" ] && wps_state=1

		[ "$ext_registrar" -gt 0 -a -n "$network_bridge" ] && append bss_conf "upnp_iface=$network_bridge" "$N"

===>		append bss_conf "eap_server=1" "$N"
		[ -n "$wps_pin" ] && append bss_conf "ap_pin=$wps_pin" "$N"


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