Product Inquiry [JL] 06/03/21

John Lewis Partnersip robert.turner01 at
Thu Jun 3 12:33:45 PDT 2021

Dear lede-dev

The famous brand John Lewis Partnership, is UK's largest multi-
channel retailer with over 126 shops and multiple expansion in 
Africa furnished by European/Asian/American products. We are 
sourcing new products to attract new customers and also retain 
our existing ones, create new partnerships with companies dealing 
with different kinds of goods globally.

Your company's products are of interest to our market as we have 
an amazing market for your products.

Provide us your current catalog through email to review more. We 
hope to be able to order with you and start a long-term friendly,
respectable and solid business partnership. Please we would 
appreciate it if you could send us your stock availability via 
email if any.

Our payment terms are 15 days net in Europe, 30 days Net in UK 
and 30 days net in Asia/USA as we operate with over 5297 
suppliers around the globe for the past 50 years now. For 
immediate response Send your reply to robert_turner at johnlewis- for us to be able to 
treat with care and urgency.

Best Regards

Rob Turner
Head Of Procurement Operations
John Lewis & Partners.
robert_turner at
Tel: +44-7451-274090
WhatsApp: +447497483925

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