imx6 target split (Cortex-A9 vs. Cortex-A7)

Piotr Dymacz pepe2k at
Sat Feb 27 10:49:20 EST 2021


I have two devices based on the NXP i.MX6 ULL I would like to get 
officially supported by OpenWrt.

The UL, ULL and ULZ series, in contrast to the rest of i.MX6 family 
(Cortex-A9), are based on the Cortex-A7.

I'm wondering what would be the most acceptable way to handle this?
Is splitting imx6 target into two subtargets called 'cortexa7' and 
'cortexa9' the way to go?

I'm also thinking about future as I will probably want to include 
another one device, this time with i.MX7 (Cortex-A7) so maybe it would 
make more sense to rename the 'imx6' target into something more generic, 
like 'imx' and introduce arch-related subtargets ('cortexa7', 'cortexa9' 
and later, if something comes up, cortexa.. for the i.MX8 family)?


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