Custom DTS / DTB building with ImageBuilder

Joseph Mullally jwmullally at
Fri Feb 26 19:21:40 EST 2021


Device Tree is great as it decouples the hardware layout from the
kernel build. What are peoples thoughts on supporting custom DTS
building in ImageBuilder? There are a few advantages: Uses the
official kernel, makes it easier to support out-of-tree unofficial
firmwares etc. [1] says DTS files were rebuilt in Chaos Calmer Image

As an example:

As you can see from the Makefile, most of the tools are already
included in ImageBuilder except for cpp and some DTS headers from the
kernel (ignore the tplink-firmware.c patching as its unavoidable).
There are some clunky parts there, like needing to manually assemble
the "-kernel.bin" instead of using the OpenWRT Makefile definitions.
Does anyone know how to do that? I got close using "make -C
target/linux/ath79/image install" with "IB" undefined, but I wasn't
able to narrow it down enough to build just one DTB + image for a
single profile. That would probably solve most of the issue and make
these out-of-tree builds much simpler.

Other examples from the forums:

- Joe

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