[PATCH] uboot-envtools: adjust compile patch to version v2021.01

Etan Kissling etan_kissling at apple.com
Thu Feb 25 07:17:56 EST 2021

On 24.02.21, 16:50, "k_ronny" <ro.ok at me.com> wrote:

> with u-boot v2020.07 some variables have been renamed so this patch needs to be adjusted
> otherwise at least with macOS as build system there are build errors

Thanks for this patch. I can confirm that this fixes the problem from
email `uboot-envtools build error in openwrt-21.02.`. Note that the
patch here is slightly different than the one you suggested before.
For me, both patches worked fine.

Would appreciate if one of them would be merged and also backported to
OpenWrt 21.02 to fix the build problems on macOS.



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