[PATCH 1/2] realtek: Add generic zyxel_gs1900 image definition

Birger Koblitz mail at birger-koblitz.de
Thu Feb 25 02:36:22 EST 2021


On 25.02.21 07:56, Stefan Lippers-Hollmann wrote:
> Hi
> I'm wondering if this attempt to deal the gs1900 switch family really
> improves the situation for these devices. While IMAGE_SIZE and
> UIMAGE_MAGIC might indeed by rather generic to most (all?) members of
At least for the GS1900-48 the UIMAGE_MAGIC is indeed still  0x83800000
and not 0x839whatever because of the RTL8393 SoC.

> the gs1900 family, SOC might not be (GS1900-24, GS1900-24E, GS1900-24HP
> are RTL8382M, GS1900-48 and GS1900-48HP are RTL8393 - admittedly, I do
> not know how different the resulting DTS would need to be, as these
> devices are not supported yet) and zyxel-vers is different for every
> single model (aside from GS1900-8HPv1 && GS1900-8HPv2):
The .dts for each device are very similar, they only differ in the number of
ports and whether there are SFP ports, but they need to include a SoC
specific .dtsi for small differences like CPU-speed. These changes might become
bigger in the future however, because upstream seems to favor explicit
definitions in the .dtsi over auto-detection in the drivers. Also we might need
to use regmap to map registers whose addresses seem to get randomly shuffled
for the Ethernt and Switch functionality between SoC revisions. At the moment
this is handled by SoC-specific function and register address tables in the drivers,
but with regmap they would go into the SoC .dtsi.


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