OpenWrt 21.02 branch

Petr Štetiar ynezz at
Sat Feb 20 09:30:55 EST 2021

Hannu Nyman <hannu.nyman at> [2021-02-20 12:40:27]:


> There should likely be a 21.02 release key, which should be added both to
> the keyring and to the 21.02 buildbot config (?). So far the newest key in
> the keyring is the 19.07 release key.
> The 21.02 buildbots are already running and end-users are eagerly waiting to
> test 21.02, so there are already forum discussions about 21.02 opkg.
> E.g.?

it's my fault, I've forget about this step when preparing the 21.02 build
infra and I've added the missing keys right now so it is going to take some
time until that propagates to downloads.



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