Patchwork and DMARC emails.

Adrian Schmutzler mail at
Thu Feb 18 12:29:29 EST 2021


> You are right, sorry for not being clear enough. The wrapping is the
> workaround to avoid breaking the signature. However, it is also possible to
> just forward DKIM messages as is (no changes to From, Subject, Body).
> In that case, the footer would have to be removed. This only works with
> DKIM present, it doesn't when DMARC and SPF are used but no DKIM. Not
> sure how popular that problematic combination is, though.

Unfortunately, finding a provider and client that supports DKIM is really hard unless you want to host e-mail yourself.

In contrast, SPF and/or DMARC is doable with semi-professional providers and does not have client-constraints at all.

However, this is why I personally do not enforce my SPF in DMARC, since there is always some list around that breaks it, and DKIM is impractical ...



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