Upcoming 19.07.7 release

Etan Kissling etan_kissling at apple.com
Wed Feb 17 18:22:37 EST 2021

On 18.02.21, 00:03, "openwrt-devel on behalf of Baptiste Jonglez" <openwrt-devel-bounces at lists.openwrt.org on behalf of baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org> wrote:

> > My patches don't end up in Patchwork for some reason.
> It seems to be caused by DMARC, maybe try with another email address.

Thanks for the suggestion. Wouldn't this lead to incorrect author info
in Git, though? DMARC and Patchwork work fine with other mailing lists!
See https://begriffs.com/posts/2018-09-18-dmarc-mailing-list.html

> > If those are acceptable, be sure to take the latest submission for the patches that were submitted multiple times.
> They didn't make into 19.07.7.
> This is not my area of expertise, but at first glance it looks too
> ambitious for a backport.  We typically only backport bug fixes and
> sometimes device support; backporting new features would need a very good
> reason, especially in core software like hostapd.  I haven't looked at
> your patches in details though.
> Baptiste

Thanks for the explanation on the backport policy. My patches don't fall
into either 'bug fixes' or 'device support' category. They have already
been accepted into OpenWrt master, so I assume they are everywhere
where it is still possible to add them.


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