[PATCHv3 2/3] busybox: update to 1.33

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Sun Feb 14 09:39:51 EST 2021

On 2/4/21 5:02 PM, Hannu Nyman wrote:
> Hauke Mehrtens kirjoitti 4.2.2021 klo 1.55:
>> On 2/1/21 1:15 AM, Rosen Penev wrote:
>>> Remove stime backport.
>>> Remove static libgcc patch as upstream fixed it with
>>> BUSYBOX_DEFAULT_STATIC_LIBGCC which defauls to off.
>>> Remove date -k patch as it no longer applies. It's also pointless as
>>> busybox' hwclock utility can do the same thing.
>>> Remove ntpd patch as that seems to have been applied upstream.
>>> Add smalll patch fixing compilation with SELinux. Upstream commit
>>> 2496616b0a8d1c80cd1416b73a4847b59b9f969a renamed the variable without
>>> renaming it in the SELinux path.
>>> Refresh config and patches.
>>> Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <rosenp at gmail.com>
>>> ---
>>> ...
>> Do we want to merge this into OpenWrt master before the 21.X branch is 
>> created?
>> As 21.X is delayed again I would prefer to merge this now, then we 
>> have a more recent base for potential security updates later.
> I think that we should merge it. Better to get the new version into the 
> new stable release, especially if the branching is not today or tomorrow 
> :-(
>> The commit message should probably extended with some content Hannu 
>> suggested.
> That would help a lot at the next version bump. I have done most the 
> busybox version bumps in the last few years (and the actual config 
> refresh also this time), and even with that history it is still hard to 
> remember the extra changes to be done manually. Better to document them 
> in the main commit message.
> I listed the needed edits in my earlier response, so Rosen might either 
> edit the commit message, or maybe it is easier if Hauke just adds them 
> (when you take the commits into your staging tree).
> http://lists.openwrt.org/pipermail/openwrt-devel/2021-January/033218.html

Hi Rosen and Hannu,

Is this change of the commit message looking good to you:


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