OpenWrt 21.02 planning

Etan Kissling etan_kissling at
Fri Feb 12 04:31:22 EST 2021

> We just had our developer meeting and want to do branch the next release 
> soon. I just want to coordinate the release planning here, the full 
> meeting notes will be published later.
> Do we still have some important bugs we should really fix in master or 
> anything which could be blocking for the release?
> Any objections to this plan?

>From my side there are three pending patches to upstream projects.

1. Fix: Correction for IPv6 handling in libnetfilter_queue (packages)
   This is currently pending with Netfilter

2. Feature: Adding ICMP support to libnetfilter_queue (packages)
   This is accepted by Netfilter, but has not made it into a release yet

3. Feature: Extending Dnsmasq with conntrack based DNS query filtering.
   This is currently pending with Dnsmasq, and will also need a minor 
   addition to OpenWrt's dnsmasq.init file.

These three patches should eventually get into OpenWrt as well.

For 19.07 it seems that the preferred approach is to only backport 
select patches instead of updating the entire component.
Is it still possible to integrate new libnetfilter_queue / Dnsmasq 
releases into OpenWrt 21.02 once the patches have been accepted,
or do you prefer the patches to be submitted to OpenWrt separately 
before the branch to 21.02?


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