Question about LuCI state (incl DSA) & request for testing

Jo-Philipp Wich jp.wich at
Fri Feb 12 03:59:02 EST 2021


> I'd like to ask: what's the current state of LuCI?
> One thing that probably requires some extra focus is DSA. Are there
> any remaining issues regarding it?

some parts of the DSA/device config code are intentionally disabled since
netifd didn't handle these things at the time it was written. That needs to be
revised yet. Also support for wireless bridge vlans is missing yet.

We also need to revise the default network configuration of DSA devices to
declare a "switch0" bridge device by default.

While this is not strictly necessary it simplifies adding further VLANs a lot
since users are not required to redo their entire network config beforehand.

~ Jo

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